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Новая Земля смотреть +в hd NEW 7P8v TVFILM

Новая Земля смотреть +в hd NEW 7P8v TVFILM


Новая Земля
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Arrive in Canada in 90 days as International Student and get Masters Degree + Canadian Immigration over18 months under Canadian PN Program, some conditions apply.

Arrive in Canada in 90 days as International Student and get P.Hd + Canadian Immigration under PN Program

Occupations for faster immigration to Canada are Doctor, Psychologist, Biologist, Statistician, X-Ray Tech

Nurse, Mining, Drilling operation, Fishing, Forestry, Gas Fields, Chemical, Aeronautical, Civil Engineer or Architect

Admission, fall 2015
Complete your TOEFEL/IELTS by Jan 30, 2015

Apply for admission by Feb 28, 2015
Apply for visa by April 30, 2015

Upcoming Overseas Seminars Schedule

Dubai - Fri Mar 13, 2015

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Important Timelines
Sep/Oct 2015: Admission opens for international students.
Nov/Dec 2015: Universities contact and ask students, to submit projected grades from school and also demand past transcripts of school reports or IB Results.
Dec 2015/Jan 2015: International students should have given their TOEFL/IELTS to fulfill english language requirement.
Feb/Mar 2015: Applications close for most schools.
May/June 2015: Universities start giving conditional offers to students based on past grades. Students, after receiving conditional offer, apply for student visa immediately.
Aug/Sep 2015: Students complete preparations to leave for Canada, after receiving final A-level grades reports or IB Results.


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